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Climate change

The Group recognises that climate change represents one of the most significant challenges facing the world today and supports the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.
Our aim is to: 
  • minimize our contribution to greenhouse gas emissions; 
  • to consider and plan for the physical and transitional risks of climate change on our operations; and 
  • to work with stakeholders, including local government and communities, to mitigate the impact of climate-related challenges.

Bisichi is committed to managing the impact of its operations on the planet and the impact of climate change on its operations, particularly to ensure continued operational and financial resilience in a changing world and marketplace. Bisichi understands the importance of these matters to its investors, partners, and regulatory authorities and, as required by the Listing Rules, has adopted the Task Force on Climate-related Disclosure’s framework for communicating climate related financial risks. 

climate change represents one of the most significant challenges facing the world today

The Group’s primary operations are coal mining and processing in South Africa. Hydrocarbons are a key source of energy and heat for the foreseeable future and the Company’s operations have contributed to meeting market demand for coal, particularly in South Africa.  However, the Group’s operations form part of a wider energy and natural resources market which is in the process of transitioning, in conjunction with the published government, national and supra-national policies, to net-zero.

In the current year, the Group has aligned its climate disclosures in the Group’s Annual Report to the four Task force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (“TCFD”) recommendations and the 11 recommended disclosures. The Group has endeavoured to make disclosures consistent with the TCFD recommended disclosures taking into consideration the short to medium term life of its South African coal operation and the size and complexity of the Group as a whole. The Group continues to develop and enhance its infrastructure, strategies, structures, resources and tools to manage the risks and opportunities presented by climate change and to ensure its ongoing climate change reporting disclosure is fully consistent in all areas with the TCFD recommended disclosures.

The Group’s Climate Change Policy can be found on this website. Click here