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Community & stakeholders

Black Wattle Colliery is committed to true transformation and empowerment as well as poverty eradication within the surrounding and labour providing communities.
Black Wattle is committed to providing opportunities for the sustainable socio-economic development of its stakeholders, such as:
  • Employees and their families, through Skills Development, Education Development, Human Resource Development, Empowerment and Progression Programmes.
  • Surrounding and labour sending communities, through Local Economic Development, Rural and Community Development, Enterprise Development and Procurement Programmes.
  • Empowering partners, through Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) and Joint Ventures with Historically Disadvantaged South African (HDSA) new mining entrants and enterprises.
  • The company engages in on going consultation with its stakeholders to develop strong company-employee relationships, strong company-community relationships and strong company-HDSA enterprise relationships.
Community Case Study

Phumulele Secondary School

Phumelela Secondary School was built and developed to serve the surrounding communities of Rockdale, Nazareth and Hlalamnandi. The school has over 1000 students…

In 2022, Black Wattle implemented various community initiatives including:
  • The building of the new school hall and class rooms at the Phumelele Secondary School in the Rockdale Township was completed.
  • Various upgrades were initiated at the Evergreen School nearby to Black Wattle.
  • A community training environmental project, where local community members are trained to safely cut and remove non-indigenous vegetation, the making, bagging and sales of charcoal.
  • Certain community members have been identified for training in areas regarding mining and beneficiation.  These areas include but are not limited to conveyor maintenance, operation of mining machinery and training in environmental waste management.
  • An interlocking block manufacturing operation will be started during 2023, making interlocking blocks for building homes
  • One community HDSA Male completed his University studies in the 2022 academic year.
  • Two community HDSA females completed their University studies in the 2022 academic year.
  • Two local community HDSA members were enrolled for the new academic year.


In compliance with the Mining Charter and the Mineral and Petroleum Resource Development Act, the Group’s South African operations has implemented a BBBEE-focussed procurement policy which strongly encourages our suppliers to establish and maintain BBBEE credentials. At present, BBBEE companies provide approximately 90 percent of Black Wattle’s equipment and services.