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Employment & diversity

The Group’s South African operations are committed to achieving the goals of the South African Employment Equity Act and is pleased to report
  • Black Wattle Colliery has exceeded the 10 percent women in management and core mining target.
  • Black Wattle Colliery has achieved over 15 percent women in core mining.
  • 94 percent of the women at Black Wattle Colliery are HDSA females.

In terms of staff training some highlights for 2022 were:

  • Two employee was trained in ABET (Adult Basic Educational Training) on various levels;
  • An additional 8 disabled HDSA women continued their training on ABET levels one to four.
  • Four HDSA persons were enrolled for apprenticeships in 2022;  these are categorised as follows:
    • One HDSA female employee was enrolled for her apprenticeship.
    • Two HDSA females and one HDSA male from the local community were enrolled for their apprenticeships.
  • Further to the above, we confirm that one HDSA Male completed his bursary studies in 2022, while two HDSA females continued their bursary studies in 2022.
  • Two HDSA females were allocated new Bursaries for 2022.

Employment terms and conditions for our employees based at our UK office and at our South African mining operations are regulated by and are operated in compliance with all relevant prevailing national and local legislation. Employment terms and conditions provided to mining staff meet or exceed the national average. The Group’s mining operations and coal washing plant facility are labour intensive and unionised. During the year no labour disputes, strikes or wage negotiations disrupted production or had a significant impact on earnings. The Group’s relations to date with labour representatives and labour related unions continue to remain strong.

Employment Case Study

Takalani Sandani

Takalani Sandani started his mining career at Harmony Gold Mines in 2003 and joined Black Wattle Colliery as a Mining Learner Official in 2006….

Anti-slavery and human trafficking

The Group is committed to the prevention of the use of forced labour and has a zero tolerance policy for human trafficking and slavery. The Group’s policies and initiatives in this area can be found within the Group’s Anti-slavery and human trafficking statement found on this website. Click here