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Grant of Options to Director

By 08.31.2010November 4th, 20232010, Announcements1 min read

Bisichi Mining PLC (“Bisichi Mining” or “the Company”)

Bisichi Mining announces that it has today granted options to a director,
Garrett John Casey as set out below, subject to approval by members at a
General Meeting to be held prior to 30 June 2011.

Name of Director     Number of Options       Exercise Price

Garrett John Casey                    80,000         £2.025 per share

The exercise of these options is subject to the growth in group net assets over
the three-year period ending 31 December 2012 exceeding the growth in the
Retail Price Index over the same three-year period by at least 6% (i.e. an
average of 2% per annum). Subject to the satisfaction of this condition, the
options are exercisable from 31 August 2013. No consideration has been paid for
the granting of these options.


Andrew Heller, Managing Director

Telephone number: 020 7415 5999

31 August 2010