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Interim Management Statement

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17 MAY 2013

Bisichi Mining Plc

Interim Management Statement

Bisichi Mining Plc (“Bisichi”), the UK mining company with direct coal mining
operations in South Africa, is pleased to provide the following interim update
on its operations:

The physical demand for the lower quality coal we are currently mining at Black
Wattle, our South African coal mining subsidiary, has remained strong in 2013
in both the domestic and export markets The South African coal market has
continued to benefit from the stable market conditions and performance of the
South African railway network, Transnet.

In the year to date, the mine has achieved an average monthly production of
155,000 tonnes. Looking forward to the remainder of 2013, in order to address
demand in both the export and domestic markets for higher quality coal, Black
Wattle will be looking at accessing higher quality reserves as well as mining
into other deeper lower quality reserves by opencast mining. Black Wattle will
do everything that it can to keep costs under control in these deeper reserves
and to ensure that 2013 is another very good year.

Finally, Bisichi’s UK property portfolio continues to perform well despite the
ongoing difficulties in the UK retail property sector.

For further information, please call:

Andrew Heller, Bisichi Mining PLC 020 7415 5030