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Statement re Grant of Share Options

By 05.30.2006November 4th, 20232006, Announcements1 min read

Bisichi Mining PLC

Grant of share options

The Remuneration Committee of Bisichi Mining PLC at a meeting on 4 October 2006
granted options under the Bisichi Mining PLC 2006 Share Option Scheme approved
at an EGM held on 29 June 2006.

The details of the options granted on 4 October 2006 over 10p Ordinary Shares
which will be exercisable over the period 4 October 2009 to 3 October 2016 are-

Director/DMR Exercise price Amount paid New share Total number of
options granted shares now
4 October 2006 under option

A R Heller 237.5p Nil 275,000 588,000

T M Kearney 237.5p Nil 275,000 395,000

An employee 237.5p Nil 50,000 130,000

TOTAL 600,000 1,113,000

The exercise price is the mid market price at the close of business 3 October
2006. Exercise of the new options granted is dependent on meeting the
performance criteria set out in the circular dated 30 May 2006.