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Statement re letter to shareholders

By 08.28.2008November 4th, 20232008, Announcements2 min read

For immediate release

28 August 2008


Electronic communication with shareholders

A letter has been sent to shareholders today, 28th August 2008, the summarized
details of which are below.

At the Company’s Annual General Meeting held on 12 June 2008, shareholders
passed a resolution to allow the company to use its website to publish
statutory documents and communications to shareholders, such as the Annual
Report and Accounts, as its default method of publication.

Therefore, in future, Notices of Annual General Meetings and other General
Meetings, the Annual Report & Accounts, circulars etc, will be published on the
Company website at . Reducing the number of communications sent
by post will not only result in cost savings to the company but also reduce the
impact that the unnecessary printing and distribution of reports has on the

The letter has been sent to comply with the Companies Act 2006 that requires
shareholders be individually asked to consent to this method of communication.

Shareholders consenting to website publication will be notified by post each
time that LAP places a statutory communication on this website. Shareholders
that would prefer to receive these notifications via email, are asked to
register their email address via the share portal: https://


For further information, please call:

Andrew Heller/Robert Corry/Tom Kearney, Bisichi Mining PLC 020 7415 5030

Christopher Joll, MJ2 Ltd 07721 330730